Maximize Protection, Minimize Costs

Government-Grade Video Surveillance and Advanced Monitoring Services

Extreme Technlology and Security offers top-tier hardware and Eyeforce Government-grade video surveillance and analytics to detect unwanted, unusual, or suspicious behaviors while alerting crime specialists. This cost-effective, 24/7 security solution surpasses traditional guard services.

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Key Features of Our Security Solutions

Top of the Line Hardware

Install and connect cutting-edge hardware for robust surveillance systems.

Professional Monitoring

24/7 monitoring by Eyeforce experts, ensuring constant surveillance and rapid response.

Cost-Effective Security

A more affordable alternative to security guards, providing reliable protection for your property.

Remote Guarding

Transforms cameras into proactive guards, merging video tech, analytics, and swift security interventions.

Extreme Technology and Security & Eyeforce: A Strong Alliance

Revolutionizing Security Through Strategic Partnership

At Extreme Technology and Security, our collaborations with Eyeforce Monitoring, Dahua, Cambium, Eagle Eye, and Luxul signify a leap towards innovative and reliable security and technlology solutions. By integrating Eyeforce's expert 24/7 monitoring with advanced surveillance technology from Dahua, robust network solutions from Cambium, Eagle Eye's cloud video surveillance, and Luxul's networking systems, we offer businesses a cutting-edge, dependable, and cost-effective security setup. This ensures constant asset supervision, reducing risks and enhancing safety without the high costs associated with traditional security methods

Revolutionizing Security with Remote Guarding

At Extreme Technology Services, we transform standard surveillance cameras into proactive security guards. This innovative approach integrates advanced video technology with sophisticated analytics to monitor and respond to security threats swiftly.

Our commitment to innovation is evident as we continuously explore and implement cutting-edge technologies. Our partnership with Eyeforce and their remote guarding is a testament to our dedication to enhancing security measures while ensuring cost-effectiveness and reliability.

By merging high-tech video solutions with real-time data analytics, we provide a security service that is not only proactive but also predictive, offering unparalleled protection for your assets. This is the future of security is advanced video monitoring.

Secure Your Business with Expert Solutions

Connect with Extreme Technology Services for top-tier security solutions backed by round-the-clock customer support. Our scalable and customer-focused services are designed to deliver exceptional value and savings, ensuring your business is protected and poised for growth.